TS AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility

Telangana AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility Details

Telangana State Police and Andhra Pradesh State Police Pathakams Eligibility Details Minimum Service for AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility, Procedure and Application Form Benefits with Police medals.  Andhra Pradesh Police Uttama Seva Pathakam will gives to Andhra Pradesh Fire Services and  Police Dept  for outstanding service / honour the services of Police Officers/Men risking the lives in extremist areas and facing hazards in dealing with rising militancy in the Naxalite infected and other sensitive areas and posing serious threat to the security of the people of the State.

The awards were announced in recognition of the extraordinary services rendered by the police, fire, vigilance and enforcement, special protection force, ACB, Railways, CID, and other wings across the State

  1. A.P. Police Seva Pathakamu
  2. A.P.Police Katina Seva Pathakamu
  3. AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu
  4. A.P. Police Mahonnatha Seva Pathakamu
  5. A.P. Mukhyamantri Sourya Pathakamu (Common for Fire Services also)

AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Medal Colour and Description :

TS State / Andhra Pradesh Uttama Seva Pathakam : The ribbon shall be one-fourth yellow, one-fourth blue and one-fourth yellow, one-fourth blue.

Andhra Pradesh State Police Uttama Seva   Pathakamu/Andhra Pradesh State Fire Services Uttama Seva Pathakamu For Andhra Pradesh Police Fire Service Uttamma Seva Pathakam with state emblem and on the second side Lapakshi Nandi made of Bronze metal with silver coating.

No of Medals and Cash Amount to AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu

  1. The number of medals awarded in a year shall not exceed 100 at the rate of 3 per unit/district per annum
  2. )Recipients of these awards will be eligible for a recurring grant of Rs. 30/- per month for life and non-recurring cash wards of Rs. 3,000/
TS AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility
TS AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility

TS / AP Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu Eligibility

  1.  The candidate should have a continuous period of at least 20 years of dedicated and meritorious service as on Ist January of the year to become eligible for the award of Uttama Seva Pathakamu for Telugu New Years Day (i.e Ugadi) and for A.P. Formation day (i.e. Ist November).
  2. Must have received Seva Pathakam / Katina Seva Pathakam.
  3. There must be a gap of 5 years after receipt of Seva / Katina Seva Pathakam
  4. NOTE :-    In Only in exceptional cases, Uttama Seva Pathakamu may be considered/ awarded to Officers and Men with lesser years of service, but in any case there should not be less than 15 years of service specified provided also one should be in receipt of Seva Pathakamu wit a gap of 5 years thereafter.
  5. They should have been rewarded or commended for exemplary and outstanding performance in the fields of Law and Order, Crime, Traffic, Intelligence, District Armed Reserve Police, A.P.S.P. Sportsmanship, Public Relations, Police Transport, Police Communications etc., or any other specialized skills in any branch of Police Department marked by efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity, high sense of discipline and sense of sacrifice.


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