AP Telangana Pensioners Pension Portal Website

AP Telangana Pensioners Pension Portal Website

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What is pension

  • Civil pension is the source of livelihood to the employees after retirement which gives some economic stability .
  • It is not a charity or bounty nor it is gratuitous payment solely dependent on the whims or sweet will of the employer.
  • It is earned for rendering long service . Pension is a right to retired employees.
  • Except when the term Pension is used in contradistinctions to gratuity, Pension includes gratuity.
    Both can be stopped after due procedure

AP Telangana Pensioners Pension Portal

Types of Pensions

Pension Complete Details

Download AP Telangana Pensioners Pension Benefits

Retirement benefits

  1. Encashment of E.L/EHPL
  2. Refund of FBF Balance
  3. Refund of saving Fund under GIS
  4. Payment of GPF
  5. APGLIF amount / TSGLI
  6. Service pension
  7. Gratuity
  8. Commutation of pension
  9. In addition , TA on retirement to native place (Actual fares to self and family Not exceeding 3 mileage towards personnel effects)

Family Benefits to the Legal Heirs

  1. Encashment of E.L/EHPL
  2. Refund of FBF Balance
  3.  Refund of saving Fund under GIS
  4. Payment of insurance Fund under GIS
  5. AG GPF
  6. Payment of Booster amount under GPF
  7. APGLIF / TSGLI  amount
  8. Death Gratutity(i.e. DCRG)
  9. Family pension i.e.  i)Enhanced family ii)Thereafter normal family pension to till death
  10. TA on death to native place actual fares
  11. Compassionate Appointment/ Exgratia

Pension Types and Detailed Explanation with Pension Rule


Superannuation Pension (Rule – 42):

  • As per A.P. Public Employment (Regulation of Age of Superannuation) Act, 1984 & 1985
  • 58 years is the superannuation age for employees in Superior Service upto 1-6-2014 – Sec. 3(1)
  • 60 years is the superannuation age for employees in Superior Service from 2-6-2014 – Sec. 3(1) as per Act 4 of 2014)
  • 60 years is the superannuation age for employees in Last Grade Service – Sec. 3(2)
  • If date of birth is 1st of the month, the employee on completion of 58 / 60 years has to retire on the last day of previous month. (G.O.Ms.No.289, Fin.& Plg. Dept., Dt.4.11.1974). Other than first,, they have to retire on last day of that month.
  • Formula for Pension = Qualifying Service X Last Pay Drawn Rule – 45(2) 66

Retiring Pension (Rule – 43 & 44) :

  • As per Rule – 43, a Govt. Servant may retire voluntarily from service after completion of 20 years of qualifying service and he may submit notice for retirement before 3 months of the retirement.
  • As per Rule – 44, Govt. Servants who have completed 33 years of qualifying service, may be permitted to retire voluntarily. For these two pensioners Date of Retirement is the Date of  permission to retire voluntarily
  • Formula for Pension = Qualifying Service X Last Pay Drawn Rule – 45(2) 66

Invalid Pension (Rule – 37):

  • As per Rule – 37, if the Competent Medical Authority incapacitates a Govt. Servant for further service, the date of issue of M.C. is date of Retirement.
  • If a Govt. Servant is on leave, which was already granted and invalidated by the Competent Medical Authority, he has to retire on last day of expiry of leave.
  • Formula for Pension = Qualifying Service X Last Pay Drawn Rule – 45(2) 66
  • or 30% of L.P.D., whichever is more. (Rule – 37)

Compensation Pension (Rule – 38):

  • If a Govt. Servant was discharged from service due to abolition of his permanent post, then he has to be appointed to similar post with equal pay (OR)
  • If not possible, he has to be retired from service.
  • The date of issue of order is the date of Retirement.
  • Formula for Pension = Qualifying Service X Last Pay Drawn Rule – 45(2) 66

Compulsory Retirement Pension (Rule – 39):

  •  If a Govt. Servant is imposed with the penalty of compulsory retirement from service under CCA Rule 9(viii) , then he has to be paid compulsory retirement pension.
  • The day of discharge is the date of Retirement.
  • This pension should be between 2/3rd of Invalid Pension and Full Invalid Pension.(Rule – 39)

Compassionate Allowance (Rule – 40) :

  • If a Govt. Servant was Removed [CCA Rule-9(ix)] (OR) Dismissed [CCA Rule-9(x)] from service, no pension is payable to him.
  • In deserving cases, the sanctioning authority may sanction  Compassionate Allowance.
  • This pension should not be less than Minimum Pension and not more than 2/3rd of Invalid Pension.(Rule – 40)

Family Pension

for Family Pension complete detail with GOs click here


  • The qualifying service is the service which is count for purpose of calculation of pensionary benefits under Pensions Rules
  • All the service rendered in a pensionable post (Rule – 13)
  • All the service rendered drawing pay from consolidated fund of state (Rule – 14)
  • either the entire Central Govt.  Pension Service is Qualifying Service. (Rule – 15)
  • furthermore The contract service Govt. contribution of contributory provident fund nu the Govt., is refund (Rule – 17)
  • Therefore, Military Service and if the entire pension, Gratuity and Bonus refunded to Govt., (Rule – 19)
  • All the leave for which leave salary paid,
  • EOL availed on M.C., EOL availed due to Civil Commotion and for prosecuting Higher Scientific / Technical Studies (Rule – 21(1))
  • In the entire service EOL availed on private affairs up to 36 months (Rule –21(2)).
  • EOL for taking employment at abroad and paid leave salary contribution and pension contribution, that period also counts [Rule-21(2)]
  • Training period should also be treat as Qualifying Service. (Rule – 22)
  • the suspension period which is unjustified and treated as duty. (Rule – 23)
  • In case of removal or dismissal and on Appeal Re-instated, the time spent on duty before Removal should be treated as Qualifying Service.
  • In case the period between Dismissal / Removal and up to Re-instatement is treated as Duty (or) sanctioned eligible leave, the entire period will be treated as Qualifying Service. (Rule – 25)
  • EOL granted on the request of the individual for regularization of the dismissal/deemed suspension/ suspension period after exhausting all the available leave may also be counted for the purpose of notional increments and pension. (Note 2 under FR 26(b)(ii)inserted in G.O.Ms.No.307Fin(FRII)3-12-2012)
  • and Resignation forfeits entire service.
  • If  resigned for taking another Public Service (or) post with proper permission, then his previous service is Qualifying Service. (Rule – 26)


    • Service rendered before attaining 18 yrs of age. (Proviso under Rule-13)
    • Service in non-pensionable post [Rule-14(2)]
    • While, Contract service to which the CPF contribution of the Government is not refund. (Rule – 17)
    • EOL on private affairs in excess of 36 months [Rule–21(2)]
    • Suspension treated as not duty or specific penalty of suspension. (Rule – 23)
    • Dies non. (FR – 18)
    • Tendered resignation without taking permission for securing another civil service. (Rule – 26)


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