TS AP Police Seva Pathakam Eligibility Details

TS AP Police Seva Pathakam Eligibility Details

Telangana State and AP Police Seva Pathakam Eligibility Details AP State Police Rewards Awards Seva Pathakamu eligibility details minimum service Procedure for processing proposals medals  As per AP Police Mannual 204-1. To recognise distinguished service rendered by State Police Officers of all ranks, Government of Andhra Pradesh introduced a scheme to award the following types of medals:. G.O. Ms. No. 519, Home (Pol.A) Department, dt. 29.10.1985

The awards were announced in recognition of the extraordinary services rendered by the police, fire, vigilance and enforcement, special protection force, ACB, Railways, CID, and other wings across the State

  1. A.P. Police Seva Pathakamu
  2. A.P.Police Katina Seva Pathakamu
  3. A.P. Police Uttama Seva Pathakamu
  4. A.P. Police Mahonnatha Seva Pathakamu
  5. A.P. Mukhyamantri Sourya Pathakamu (Common for Fire Services also)

A.P Police Seva Pathakam Medal

2-A. The medal will be circular in shape, made of bronze one and 3/8 inches in diameter and have Andhra Pradesh State Emblem and letters “ANDHRA PRADESH POLICE SEVA PATHAKAMU” embossed on the obverse and on the reverse “Amaravathi Stupamu” with letters “Andhra Pradesh Police Service”.


Andhra Pradesh Police Seva Pathakamu / Andhra Pradesh Fire Service Seva Pathakamu

The Medal will be circular in shape, made of Bronze, one and three eight inches in diameter and have embossed on the obverse Andhra Pradesh State emblem and Andhra Pradesh  Police Fire Service SevaPathakam and on the reverse Amaravathi Stupam with Andhra Pradesh Police Fire Service.

NUMBER OF MEDALS AP Police Seva Pathakam / Andhra Pradesh Fire Services Seva Pathakamu :-

  1. There will be 500 Medals (450 for Police + 50 for Fire Services per year under this scheme).
  2. The Medals shall be distributed equally as far as possible among all Units/ Districts.
  3. The recipients of the medal are entitled to cash grant and non-recurring cash awards as specified in the rules. Recipients of these awards will be eligible for recurring grant of Rs. 25/- per month for life and a non-recurring cash award of Rs. 2,000/-
  4. 80% of the Medals will be reserved for the personnel of these rank of Police Constables and Head Constables and equivalent ranks,
  5. In Fire Service Department and 20 % of Officers of the rank of ASI and above in both Police and Fire Services including those on deputation to other depts.., and also working in ACB.

Eligibility for AP Police Seva Pathakam / Telangana State Police Seva Pathakam 

  1.  The candidate should have completed 12 years of services as on 1st  January of the year to become eligible for the award of Seva Pathakam for the Telugu New Years Day (i.e. Ugadi) and A.P. Formation Day i.e. Ist November.
  2. Seva Pathakam should be given in the basis of State/ Unit/ District level seniority in each rank.
  3. NOTE :-  Only in exceptional cases Seva Pathakamu may consider / awarded to Officer and Men with lesser years of service, but in any case there should not be less than 10 years of service.
  4. The candidates should have maintained a clean and Good record of service without any adverse entries or punishments where personal files are not maintained.
  5. The integrity of the candidate and his non-involvement in any judicial proceedings should be certified.
TS AP Police Seva Pathakam Eligibility Details
TS AP Police Seva Pathakam Eligibility Details


Each medal  suspend from the left breast and the ribbon shall be 1  th inch in length and 1  inch in width.

  1. i) In the case of Andhra Pradesh Police/Fire Service Seva Pathakamu the ribbon shall be half yellow and half blue.
  2. ii) In the case of  Andhra Pradesh Police Katina Seva Pathakamu the ribbon shall be half Blue and Half Red.


  1. The Supdts. of Police/ Dy. Commissioner of Police/ Commandants will prepare the list of deserving personnel for the award of these medals in consultation with their Deputy Supdts. of Police/ Asst. Commandants and forward the list of their respective units to the Deputy Inspectors Genl. of Police concerned by the 15th July every year.
  2. While forwarding the lists, the Superintendent of Police, Commandants will furnish the requisite details in the prescribe proforma and append a certificate that the qualifications laid down for the medal are satisfied.
  3. Thereafter, the Range, Board consisting of the Range Dy. Inspectors Genl. of Police, as Chairman and Supdts. of Police of the Range as members will meet and finalise the list before 15th August every year and forward to the Director General of Police by the 31st August every year.
  4. while doing so, the Dy. Inspectors Genl. of Police will append citation for those recommended for the award and see that the citation contain clear and specific details of outstanding work.
  5. The Dy. Inspectors Genl. of Police also furnish a certificate to the effect that the rules and procedures correctly followed
  6. Recommendations of the Director General of Police Should reach the Government not later than 15th September every year.

The recommendations of the Supdts. of Police for award of State Police Medals on the occasion of Telugu New Years Day i.e. Ugadi, should reach the Range Dy. Inspector Genl. of Police by Ist December every year. The Dy. Inspectors Genl. of Police shall forward their recommendations to the Director General and Inspector General of Police by 15thDecember every year and recommendations of the Director General and Inspector General of Police shall reach the Government not later than 31stJanuary every year.

The Director, Fire Services, shall intimate the proposals in respect of his department and send his proposal in complete shape so as to reach the Government by 15th September of the year.

13-A) Procedure for processing cases of Anti Corruption Bureau

            The Director General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Hyderabad shall initiate the proposals in respect of the Officers and Men working under his control and send the proposals directly to the Government.  with all the relevant details as specified in Rule  13 above together with his specific recommendations. A screening committee constituting the following officers will screen the proposals received from the Director General, Anti Corruption Bureau.

  1. Chief Secretary to Government  – Chairman.
  2. Principal Secretary/ to  –  Member Secretary to Govt., Home Dept.
  3. Director General and Inspector – Member General of Police.
  4. Director General, ACB, Hyderabd.   Member

         The above Committee decide the number of Medals to be award to the Officers and Men of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, taking into consideration of the actual number of medals, recommend both to the A.C.B. and to the other branches of the Police Department.


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